Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my paper through the automated system?

It’s simple. Once you place an order, we email a username and a password to you. Then, after your deadline, you go to website and type in this username and password. You will then be given a series of prompts that direct you to your sample term paper. If you have any questions on this process, you can always reach us at e-mail.

When will I receive my revision if I need one?

Although each sample term paper we write is considered completed when we deliver it to your inbox before your deadline, there are times when you feel that the paper needs a revision. When you submit a revision request, it is instantly sent to us and then sent to the writer through the automated system. Once the writer receives it they will do their best to return it to you as soon as possible, with a turnaround time of less than twenty four-hours in most cases. One of our testimonials from a new client even thanks us for a turnaround time within minutes of submission for a revision request!

How qualified are your writers?

Every one of our writers possesses at least a Master’s degree, and most have a PhD. Every writer has marked and written thousands of papers during their academic career, and knows what constitutes good sample term papers.

I can’t find the topic I need in your library. Can you help?

When we call ourselves experts we are not kidding – We have written over 15000 term papers, essays, theses, case studies, and dissertations in the past few years. Since there are millions of potential paper topics, there is just no way to address every one of these topics within our library database. If you can’t find a paper that is on your topic, order a customized paper and we’ll write it for your deadline and at a superior level of quality. To order a custom paper just click on the customized writing link on this page and we’ll get started on it right away.